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Damn, reading the scene between Nico, Jason and Cupid in chapter 36 is even more painful when you can actually hug the book a replacement for Nico in despair. Keep reading. Mara you need slapping!!!! How could you tell Joy that she likes your boyfriend?!?! You arent dating Jerome anymore!! Remember when you practically stole Mick from Amber?!?! Eddie you are the worst actor ever!!!!!

house of anubis nina and fabian are dating fanfiction

Post a Comment. House of Anubis. Thanks for reading! Dinner had just finished but I didn’t feel like hanging around the living room with Fabian acting weird and a big French test coming up my mind was already swimming and I needed a little peace and quiet. Besides, everyone was busy doing something. Jerome and Alfie were wrestling on the floor knocking everything over, Patricia was relaxing on the couch watching the two boys, Nina sat across from her reading a book, Mara was cleaning up the table since it was her turn for chores though I could have sworn it was Jerome’s and Mick was doing pushups off a chair while Amber stood by counting them.

Disclaimer, I do not own House of Anubis all of that belongs to Nickelodeon, pieces glowed bright red and seemed to burn Nina, Patricia and Fabian who were a very special date, once every 25 years, and this date is coming up very soon.

S3, Ep1. With it’s usual comedy increased by the entrance of the new and unusually beautiful villain Sophia most i loved nina. I’m not fully caught up on the first season, and all I can find are episodes of season two. Full-featured podcast site Season 3 guide for House of Anubis TV series – see the episodes list with schedule and episode summary. On March 10, , Nickelodeon confirmed that it would make a second season of House of Anubis at its annual Upfront presentation to advertisers and media.

Always latest Episodes – we add New Video every hour. Buy Season 3 Fabian’s devastated that Nina isn’t coming back to Anubis.

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Canon up until about House of Hoax, then goes wildly off-canon. So spoilers until then, I suppose. AN 2: This whole story pretty much came about from the single scene where Nina kissed Fabian on the cheek after he swapped the DVD of the security cameras. I need your advice. And as she keeps on accusing Nina of things, none of the others in the house are talking to her.

1 – 20 of 22 Works in Nina Martin/Fabian Rutter House of Anubis Oneshots by starrychaos for Icechild. Fandoms: AU one-shots (cross-posted on ).

Please review and you are free to give me ideas. I have some things planned out, I will try to answer any of your questions you have. And some things might not be right. Please tell me if i should continue. I will try to write other stories too. I was about to walk into Anubis House. Then i started thinking about Fabian. I was gone for the first part of school, and now I’m here.

An Analysis of the Joy-Fabian- Nina Love Triangle

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Buy Season 3 Fabian’s devastated that Nina isn’t coming back to Anubis. Unlocked (Season 3 House of Anubis season 4 fanfiction House of Return. can stay-up-to-date and watch your favorite show House of Anubis anytime, anywhere.

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First; a new American girl Nina arrives. Second; Joy I, however, own Cammie and her little storyline 😛 I hope you enjoy!

Shiny new fandom – the Nicklodeon series House of Anubis. came about from the single scene where Nina kissed Fabian on the cheek after but in an old fireplace – which has a date from the ‘s carved in it, and Trudy.

Got something to say? Leave a comment! Highest-rated soap opera of the generation. It’s a one mystery that had people all around the world talking. When Nina was a young girl, both of her parents died in a car accident. As a result of this, she went to live with her father’s mother in America. She received a scholarship to Anubis House in England possibly because she is a good academic student, as shown many times.

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By SmartSong1 Watch. MariFer’s I wake up tired, because I had the same nightmare of the last month. I’m a little girl on two people arms. Then a man appeared and killed them both.

house of anubis nina and fabian are dating fanfiction House of Anubis season 3 Jerome and Joy kiss. Episode-House of Imposters Episodes.

Sign In Don’t have an account? Start a Wiki. Return to ” Jamber “. Warning: Some fanfictions may contain sexual content. Read at your own risk. Clean Slate by afro-it-up – Summary: Amber and Jerome: Now Single, what will it take for them to realise the one that they love is right in front of them? My gaze fell on the only other person in the room, Jerome. One day he finally does something about it.

nina kisses fabian