Is My Old Piano an Antique? — Part 1

Contact Us. Libby Larsen. The Haunting of May Yohe. Listen : II. Listen : III. Listen : IV. Movements : I. Composer’s Notes : Travelling about the country as I do in connection with my music, I spend time all kinds of concert venues while rehearsals are going on. I don’t know quite when, but several years ago I began noticing veteran keyboard instruments—old pianos, organs, electric keyboards—all of which had years of service on them, and like old pets, were now resting in nooks and crannies, out of the way of traffic.

How Old Is Your Blüthner Piano?

Invariably we come before a square piano and want to know how old it is. Generally, the most satisfying answer would take us to an exact year. The reality is that this is not always possible, even for pianos made for very well known firms. Style and construction are strong indicators of the general period a piano was made. The earliest pianos are all petite in appearance, generally shallow in case height, and less than 5 feet long. A typical early name plaque.

“How old is my piano?” Dating an instrument by serial number and brand name. The most.

Note: In Part 2 of this series, Laurence Libin, a noted curator of antique musical instruments, tells why we should be alert for old pianos that have historical value, and how to distinguish them from instruments that are just plain old. With pianos as with cars, older is not necessarily better. Even when well maintained, pianos, like all musical instruments, can eventually wear out from natural aging and heavy use. If they are to continue to function, they may need highly specialized restoration, with replacement parts that can be hard to find or reproduce.

Also, really early pianos, those with all-wood construction and low-tension scaling, were not designed for modern conditions, whether environmental e. These are among the reasons that leading museums—such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, and the Art Institute of Chicago—display historical pianos, and why scholars study and write about them.

Most important for musicians and listeners, however, pianos of earlier times can reveal how Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Mendelssohn, Schumann, Liszt, Brahms, and other 18th- and 19th-century pianist-composers expected their compositions to sound: quite different from when played on high-powered, comparatively standardized modern grands, with their richer, more sustaining tone but relatively limited tonal palette.

Each has advantages in serving the purposes for which it was originally intended. For example, Viennese-style pianos of the Classical era often came equipped with a moderator , a strip of soft material that could be quickly interposed between their hard, leather-covered hammers and their strings to dramatically change the tone color.

Restorer Makes Old Pianos Sing Again

The Importance of the Piano The pianoforte, more commonly called the piano, became, by the last quarter of the eighteenth century, a leading instrument of Western art music, for both professionals and amateurs. The modern piano is a highly versatile instrument capable of playing almost anything an orchestra can play. It can sustain pitches in a lyrical fashion, creating all musical styles and moods, with enough volume to be heard through almost any musical ensemble.

Broadly defined as a stringed keyboard instrument with a hammer action as opposed to the jack and quill action of the harpsichord capable of gradations of soft and loud, the piano became the central instrument of music pedagogy and amateur study.

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As one of the most popular instruments for music-making, the piano has only recently looked and sounded the way it does today. After extensive research and consultation from some of the industry’s most renowned historical sources, we’ve compiled one of the most comprehensive guides to the pianos’ history available online. Technical advancements have changed as technology and modern manufacturing have entered the scene. Prior to the industrial revolution and dating back as early as 1, B.

We take a look at this long journey and evolution of the modern piano, starting with a pictorial timeline of the instrument ancestors of the pianoforte. We then provide a detailed history of the introduction of the various piano sizes and types and the fundamental characteristics of all modern pianos. Traditional Chinese Ke Stringed Instrument. Listen the meditative sound of a monochord in this video!

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A History of Activism in Lafayette Square. Pulling Back the Curtain on the Executive Mansion. At a ceremony on December 10, , this grand piano was presented to President Franklin D. Roosevelt for the White House by Mr. Theodore Steinway, on behalf of the Steinway family. The ,th Steinway piano, it was built to replace another Steinway at the White House – ,, a gilded and painted grand piano which had been given in now on exhibit in the Smithsonian Institution.

Dating pianos by serial number. Also include a woman – how old your piano? Stamped in my piano. Stamped into the serial numbers. Each piano and lovers.

Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. The Piano Partner 2 app for Android mobile devices provides a friendly, interactive way to help you learn and enjoy music with your Roland digital piano. Piano Partner 2 also enables your mobile device to work as a remote controller for your Roland piano, offering an intuitive graphic interface for even easier operation. Recorder and Diary functions help you progress more quickly, allowing you to evaluate performances and keep track of your daily practice activities.

Notes: – A connection with the compatible piano is required to use this application except for the part of Flash Card game. To use the Rhythm function, connect the tablet to the piano via USB.

Is My Old Piano an Antique? — Part 2

You can use your piano buttons to develop an attractive wall clock. You can use your piano table to develop a nice decorative table for yourself. Not a depraved option as far as candle holder is concerned. Uniqueness has no end and this idea proves this fact.

In this new piece, Ghosts of Old Pianos, I drew on four of these beloved old pals in His Hands” is a traditional American spiritual with no known date of origin.

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Children’s University Edith Cowan aims to inspire students between seven and fourteen to develop confidence and a love of learning through validated activities beyond the school curriculum. Many are struggling to afford essentials like food, rent and the technology required to continue their studies. While many of the pianos are not in playing order, WAAPA intends to restore and maintain the collection for both teaching and research purposes. Working with the School of Engineering, Professor Lancaster says there is a potential collaborative research opportunity to replace components in the pianos through 3D printing.

While the project is in its early days, the cross-disciplinary research is likely to be the beginning of a series of collaborations across organology, musicology, acoustics, engineering, conservation, education and design. There is also potential to research and engineer new materials to replace the baleen and ivory used for components in historical pianos.

Treasures of the White House: Steinway Grand Piano

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The three Cristofori pianos that survive today date from the s. Cristofori named the instrument un cimbalo di cipresso di piano e forte (“a keyboard of cypress.

Sell Your Piano: What it’s worth. Reprinted with Permission. Selling a used piano can be a challenge. Since the Recession, used pianos at all price levels have plummeted in value. This means as moving day approaches, sellers are pressured by time and often have to drastically lower their asking price in order to vacate on schedule. For buyers on a limited budget, the costs involved in moving a piano to its new location and getting it in good playing condition after the move are relatively high, leaving them with less to pay you for the piano itself.

Typical buyer costs include :. For most pianos offered for sale, a pitch raise is necessary to compensate for years of tuning neglect. Almost all pianos over 10 years old will need this work to play well and sound good. This expense alone can approach or exceed the budget of a shopper looking for a low-cost option, and that means instruments of lower quality, low brand-name recognition, and less-than-stellar reputation tend to attract little or no sales interest. Is My Piano Saleable?

Bluthner Piano Serial Numbers

Also include a woman – how old your piano? Stamped in my piano. Stamped into the serial numbers. Each piano and lovers.

in the older “patent” actions models), warm tone and aesthetically pleasing cabinet. You can use the dates and serials listed below to help date your piano​.

For many reasons. Piano Day welcomes all kinds of piano lovers — young and old, amateur and professional, of any musical direction — to join in this years festivities. It is intended to be the most joyful of all holidays! The desire to celebrate this versatile instrument is growing greater than ever and we were stoked to be able to list more than piano-related events for Piano Day from all around the world. Of course we are sad about the cancelled events and the circumstances, but we are very happy that we could keep the spirit alive and still celebrate Piano Day thanks to various livestream concerts, different projects, videos, pictures and stories from all around the globe.

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Listen to the last years Piano Day playlist of these tracks:. There are so many pianos that are not being played for several reasons: they are broken, stored in piano shops or used as items of furniture rather than a musical instruments. At the same time there are loads of talented pianists who have no possibility to own a piano.

Piano Day gives an opportunity for the holders of the unused pianos to place them where they can be enjoyed by a lot of people.

Dating pianos by serial number

Note: In Part 1 of this series, this question is answered from the point of view of a piano technician and dealer. In Part 2 , a noted curator of antique musical instruments weighs in with his perspective. One of the most common types of call that piano dealers receive is from owners of old pianos who are convinced that their instruments are antiques of great worth. Most times, these calls end with owners being disappointed to find out that their old pianos are worth less than the cost of moving them.

Among dealers in antiques , the term often means anything more than years old. This is problematic when applied to pianos—there is no way to define a date of manufacture that automatically qualifies a piano for a certain monetary value based solely on its age.

Music Instruments · Artist · Musical Instruments · Dating. Old piano on the rocks – Smoela Old Pianos, The Rock, Dates, Norway. Saved from Uploaded by user.

Established in , Carstairs Pianos of Canterbury, have now been tuning, restoring and supplying pianos for 75 years. We are able to restore grand and upright pianos to the highest possible standard, using the finest quality materials and traditional techniques. In our fully air-conditioned Roper Road showrooms we stock a range of new and reconditioned upright and grand pianos, encompassing a wide range of prices. These include new upright, grand and digital pianos manufactured by K.

In addition we also stock new upright pianos by Ritmuller and Reid-Sohn. Our prices include V. Delivery upstairs, or to areas outside Kent can also be arranged. As a company with over 70 years of experience in restoring older pianos, we feel able to give honest advice regarding the viability of restoring your piano.

If you already have a piano, which you are considering restoring, we would be happy to discuss the options open to you. If we do not feel that the piano merits the costs involved, we will always say so. In our view there is no point in spending large sums of money on an inferior older piano, when a new or nearly new piano would make a much better long term investment. This approach to restoring older pianos also applies to our own stock.

We have to be sure that the piano we are restoring merits the time and materials we are investing in it.

Finding the Age of Your Yamaha Piano

Finding the age of your Kawai or Yamaha piano is a fairly easy process! This can be found by lifting the lid on the top of upright pianos and is usually at the top of the frame. On grand pianos it is usually at the front of the metal frame behind where the keys are located. This guide can be used to date your Kawai or Yamaha piano manufactured between and For example, for a Yamaha upright serial number was made sometime between and

By , Steinway & Sons sales rose to pianos for the year, from 74 just 2 years before in “Biggest retail trade ever done, sold 30 old and new pianos in one day. To date, Steinway & Sons has been granted over patents.

Steinway Piano Gallery. The piano is currently on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Heinrich would build pianos over the next decade. Heinrich Engelhard Steinway and his family would emigrate to the United States in In , a piano was created with a lavishly carved case and legs. This piano, Serial , is believed to be the first ever Steinway Art Case piano. In , Henry Steinway became an American Citizen. In , William purchased the Steinway Mansion.

Pike Jr. In , Steinway sold 2, pianos, and was making pianos at a rate of 1 piano per hour, or 10 pianos per day.